ACE NextGen Inner Circles


ACE NextGen Inner Circles

Inner Circles is a Member-led, peer-to-peer program where Members can present about the greatest wins and deepest challenges they face as an entrepreneur and to have peers share professional or personal experiences that can help the Member learn, grow, or receive support. This includes providing a safe and supportive environment to dive into the bottom 5% of a business or entrepreneurial journey, such as risks, fears, and vulnerabilities. Each group will be moderated by a trained Moderator. 

Criteria to Join 

Inner Circles are comprised as groups of 8 to 12 ACE NextGen Members at similar revenue tiers of their business:

  • Seed Stage Pre-Revenue to $200k

  • Growth Stage $200k-$1M

  • Established Stage $1M+

The local Chapter Inner Circles Chair will place groups based on best fit among Members. Existing groups can take on new Members if they wish. 

Time Commitment

Each Inner Circle will meet once a month following a meeting format that lasts 2 to 4 hours each meeting (approximately 12 meetings per year). Each Inner Circle can determine the number of meetings that each Member can miss per year, or can substitute certain months with Inner Circles held at the Annual Conference or Annual Retreat. 


Each Inner Circle Member will be trained on and will be expected to meet the five tenets that create a safe and supportive environment for an Inner Circle: Confidentiality, Gestalt Mindset, Personal Responsibility, Judgement-Free, and Non-Solicitation.  Each Inner Circle will also have their own Constitution where they can set additional expectations for themselves.